Stop Scrolling is a new company where we focus on building new businesses in a strategy combining a great product with great community engagement. We are not an agency and focus on building our own brands/products. Our method is a multi tier approach which involves stages.

For the social media side, we have to date 15 million followers worth of accounts directly owned by our company and growing daily through Facebook & Instagram. We believe in a strategy combining Facebook, Instagram & now YouTube. Facebook being used for viral video content through sharing. YouTube being made for longer form content and lasting content. Instagram being for setting up networks in different categories to link into common brand. These all working to make people engaged and also use as a vehicle to take engaged audience members into people to target for a Facebook & Google ads approach.

With product, we focus on the Ray Kroc philosophy. Cheaper. Better. Faster. Different. And adding our own aspect, viral. Today, we are a team of coders, inventors, chefs, content creators and more working on a variety of products in food, fitness, software, clothing and real estate. We seek to find core brand names from prime domains we have in the .com space, come up with an original product and build it. We also want every brand to have a culture on it doing articles, videos and more 100% free to consumers.

Doing this, our philosophy is seeking value. We want to talk to anyone doing something unique or with an idea. So feel free to drop us an email at

Questions & Answers

Why focus on prime domains?

We never write a business off for not having a solid brand name. Many players exist with .net’s, .io’s and more. Many such as Uber just exist strong making a name and brand for themselves. However, we believe .com’s while not a make a break are key in building a strong brand long term. That is why we are proud to say we’ve put time into higher end domains such as,, and more.

What social media networks do you focus on? 

Right now, we are nearly 100% Facebook & Instagram, but are working to build a YouTube presence for each category. We don’t believe in focusing on every social network and as of now are not working on LinkedIn, Twitter or Snapchat. We have however begun some work on Lasso & TikTok and find them interesting.

Where are you guys based out of?

The company is setup in NY, but we operate as basically a 100% office free and abroad company. We work with programmers in different states, social media managers in six of the seven continents, domain owners in five states and do shipping out of six states. We will eventually form an official corporate office eventually, but not today. 

Are you fundraising?

We are always looking for new funds for projects. And we are not investor snobs. Anyone whose check doesn’t bounce is welcomed.

How are you different from an agency?

Because we build our own ideas. Every project coming from Stop Scrolling, we sit on the model of turning it into the next billion dollar company. We want people to drop instead and start We want to make the home to middle American cuisine online. We want to be the bridge between creative people and consumers without an agent. We are working for our ventures and our visions. Not the visions of someone paying us unrealistic fees to put together a Shopify for them and run fairly easy to figure out Facebook ads.

Are you an incubator?

Sort of. While every project in SSM is started in house currently, we would enjoy entrepreneurs coming our way with ideas or skills. We would love a chance to take a new idea and get it in front of 30 million people online for equity.

Which is your social media strategy?

We want to focus on Instagram, YouTube & Facebook. Each of those on a different plan. Instagram is great for short form content and can be grown almost like a math. We are working to acquire prime handles there for accounts such as @Tropical, @Hometown, @Summer, @Education and more to create networks in different niches that start with curated content and move to original content. Facebook, we focus on shorter form more viral stories with the goal of share factor. And YouTube, we are working for content which is longer form and more instructional in nature. 

Why call it Stop Scrolling Media?

Because we make content to make people stop scrolling and start engaging.

Why should I care about this company?

Because we have worked hard to reach millions, get high value brand names and develop cool product concepts, but are still acknowledging we are not even 1% or the way there. And if you want to help get us there, get in touch!